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I taught my first child to ride a motorbike while using standard, proven way of using stabilizers or training tires. We bought her a lovely little bike using the standard training wheels. Proper we thought she was who are old enough we started to take them of. This caused a lot of stress, and tears. Why? My daughter became influenced by working out wheels. It's this dependency which then has to be "untaught". It is like having to go through "cold turkey" to wean them off of the reliance on working out wheels. Beginner wheels are counter-intuitive and counter-productive because of this reliance. She was actually worried when just one training wheel came off, and since she became scared, her confidence evaporated, making it more difficult to train her. We've got there eventually, however it was a psychological journey. That is why, and then experience, I made the decision to instruct my next child to ride a motorcycle utilizing a balance bike.

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