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Soon after studying numerous religions by means of speaking with numerous experts/shamans and by way of literature we just like the Islamic definitions of the spirit world because it appears to be one of probably the most comprehensive, complete and obvious cut. Nonetheless we'll also contain expertise with regional spiritual information and expertise from other religions for a thorough understanding on the spirit world.

The human race was created by God and regarded as among the best amongst all generation on this earth. The Malaikat (Angels), People, Jinns followed by Syaitan, Ifrit and Iblis were designed with their very own intent and goal by Allah/God. Syaitan, Ifrit and Iblis are akin to demonic beings but of different amounts, we do wish to provide them space on this website, you are free of charge to find out about them by carrying out your personal analysis. To bring a khodam into our realm it takes a lot of days of fasting at times forty times based on the kind of magick employed as there are numerous methods/rituals in South East Asia. They are various from Djinn/spirits. Largely khodams do not do harm other individuals. They may be male and female as humans are are granted power by God to help humans in their life. They have gentle bodies.

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