roller banner printing

banner printing - Having problems designing your poster, leaflet and banner for maxi-mum impact? Whilst an image might speak one thousand words, the selection of font says a whole lot too.

Design is not about just great imagery, it’s also about great fonts. Designers throughout the global spend hours designing beautiful fonts to offer us endless possibilities. From your highly sought after Helvetica towards the historic New Baskerville, here’s a collection of our favourites fonts.

Helvetica - an excellent all-rounder

Use it on: letterheads, brochures, banners etc.

Designed with legibility to assist clear communication as its primary objective, Helvetica is omnipresent today on just about any computer. Designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoff-man, it’s an attractively crafted font which is very popular it also possesses its own feature length film called... Helvetica.

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